Maritime Law


ZEROLET SERVICES LTD , a CYPRUS based firm, deals with important maritime globally maritime trade and transport account for 75% of major commercial transactions around the world. Therefore, the maritime-related legal services are of crucial importance to our law firm. Our Admiralty legal division provides an efficient legal support in maritime disputes resolution and drafting all types of maritime contracts. We employ our professional expertise together with prompt action to carry out procedures and take decisions in shipping claims.


We provide our expertise in the following cases:

Maritime collision accidents
Claims related to vessel's hull and machinery insurance
Marine insurance
Ship detention (Vessel detention)
Vessel owner’s liability and claims related to potential risk insurance and marine insurance
Bill of Lading disputes
Cargo, Freight and dangerous substance transportation
Charter Party disputes
Crew wages
Debt collection
Freight Forwarding & Logistics
H& M Claims
Novation and Option Agreements
On board employment and personal issues
P&I and FD&D Club advice
Pollution Salvage claim Ship Building & Repair
Ship Finance
Ship registration
Ship Warranty and Guarantee Matters
Statutory Duties of Port
Vessel Seizure
Total loss
Wreck removal